CFDE Proposal: Story Time


For my ENG 181 course, Journeying through Faerie, I am requesting $300 to facilitate a fairy tale reading project. With a young audience in mind, students will write short stories according to fairy tale conventions that they have studied during the term. After drafting and revising the stories, students will add creative commons or public domain images and then I will have each story printed in color and bound through Emory’s document services. Partnering with either a local childcare or early education center on or near campus, we will facilitate an event where students can read their stories to their target audience: young children. Before printing, students will need to revise their stories according to feedback from childcare or school staff. This will both ensure that the content is appropriate for the age level and give students practice in publishing through a gatekeeper.

Students will write a reflection after the event wherein they articulate and examine the response of their target audience. With feedback from their audience and educational staff, they will consider how well their story and image use promotes their rhetorical purpose and reaches their audience. Students will then turn in a revision of their story based on this experience along with their reflection.

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