ENG 181: Digital Storytelling Assignment


In the final act of ENG 181: Journeying through Faerie, students will design a multimodal assignment based on their previous research on a specific text in the course. By this point they will have reflected on their prior experience with fairy tales through freewriting, read multiple versions of fairy tales and romances, written in the genre themselves, and composed a short conference paper on a specific fairy tale. Throughout the course, they will have read chapters from Everyone’s an Author with specific focus on rhetorical situations, genre, audience, research, and design and delivery.

Like the scaffolded work students will do with genre, this assignment is influenced by James Britton’s research on writing development. I want to give more chances for students to express their analytical thought through different modes and persuasive styles than a formal academic paper. I’m also trying to model transferable skills for the students through emphasizing the importance of audience awareness for every single rhetorical context.

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