Conference Presentation Assignment

ENG 181: Journeying through Faerie

Conference Presentation

Description: Rather than a term paper, students will give short presentations patterned after the genre of a conference paper near the end of the second act (Week 10). This assignment sequence will give students a chance to practice revisions with a specific audience in mind. It will also highlight the importance of overlooked parts of student papers, such as titles, and the different organizational needs of a spoken as opposed to a written argument. Students will also be introduced to the concept of conference organization and the importance of sharing research.

Instructions: First students will collaboratively choose a theme in class and then discuss the kinds of topics that fit in their conference theme. Then they will pick a topic and a text to write about and submit a draft of a problem statement to me. Following my feedback, they will revise that draft and use it to begin drafting their conference paper. Since there won’t be enough time for everyone to deliver their papers individually, they will also participate in mock conference panel sessions, giving presentations on those panels in groups of four.

Feedback and/or resources: The first problem statement draft will receive detailed written feedback from me, and students will be directed to UVA’s online resources. The revised problem statement draft will be used in a peer review session the day it is due. The Title assignment will be part of a voting activity to show the importance of a title in a conference setting. The panel presentation will include peer questions and feedback. I will provide detailed written feedback on the conference paper.

Submission requirements

  • Problem Statement Draft: Earlier in the term, we will go over how to organize an introduction and do freewriting activities around the problem statement format.
  • Revised Problem Statement: Mirroring the abstract submission of a conference, students will turn in a revised problem statement draft.
  • Title: Submitted on Canvas the night before the last class period of Week 6.
  • Conference Paper: 4-page paper arguing a claim about a text from the syllabus with one secondary source as support. 10-minute group presentation answering shared research question.
  • Conference Participation Questions: One handwritten question for each presenter.

Grading criteria: Each submission will receive full credit for completion, except the conference paper, which will be given a letter grade based on paper grading criteria outlined in the syllabus. Successful conference papers will include a compelling thesis statement, logical transitions designed for a listening audience, and make use of evidence from one primary text and one scholarly article related to that text.

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