Let’s Learn with Storium!


Today’s post is a draft course description for a freshman composition course that uses a collaborative storytelling platform to get students to write.


ENG 101: Choose Your Own Adventure

Game designers have to think rhetorically as they plan their projects. They research settings, locations, and time periods for authenticity. They think through who makes up their audience and what kind of tone will be most effective to reach that audience. They take aesthetics and document design seriously. And most importantly, it takes so long for a project to be completed because game designers know that first draft is never final.

Using Storium, we are going to develop and run text-based games in groups. Each group will select storytellers and players and then chose a theme and setting to build the plot around. Storytellers will be responsible for narration while players will create characters. This won’t just be a gaming experience, but a chance to practice audience awareness and effective rhetorical choices with each other. For your games to be successful, you will need to research your setting, write an annotated bibliography of potential sources, find and integrate creative commons images, and apply all of this knowledge to a specific rhetorical situation each week. We will end the semester with personal portfolio letters that trace our contribution to the project and a collaboratively-written style guide for future storytellers.

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